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Re: Oil weight/viscocity/index brand

Originally Posted by Qomomoko View Post
great write up from Scudman.

there are about 5 threads related to fork oil

I am playing with my suspension and such and so learning about suspension fluid.

for my particular case:
Pregen ninja 250 with newgen ninja 250 suspension modded.
.75 kg/mm springs
recommended weight is 15wt from racetech ( I 'll call em again and see if they tell me their oil's viscosity and properties)

though our forks do not get got, I read it is recommended to get fluid with a index (which indicates its resistance to change it properties at higher working temperatures) of greater than 150.

also probably ordering a fork rebuild kit, not sure yet..

Wondering how you bike gurus can share some light on for oil info..

Race tech says they use Spectro Oil and Bel-ray oil is the closest in properties to it.

@Qomomoko- I run 15wt oil with .7 springs from Racetech in my newgen 250. I also cut new preload spacers to increase the preload. I did not do emulators or upgraded preload adjuster caps. Trying to keep costs down.

It has been working well for me.
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