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Hey All (Central Florida Motorcycle Curvy Road Alert)

I know that most of you are down south. Anyways if you really want to know where most of the good roads are in Florida. They are up here. I have taken the time to put together a route. This is an all day run. Most of the very best we have here. There are more. But you can only fit so much in a day. Either print it out and follow it. Load it into a GPS. Whatever the case is. It starts and ends here in SW Orlando, near Disney. Grap this word document and save it. I will keep it posted til Sunday evening. At which time I will remove it from where it is posted. If you want it after that. Shoot me a PM. Happy adventures and be safe out there. Now is the time for this ride. The weather is cool and very cooperating.

Central Florida Curvy Roads

Central Florida Curvy Roads
The starting point, And the route.

1.I-4 and County Road 535. Perkins there for breakfast.
Go North, 535 makes a left turn after about a mile.
2.Reams Rd. Make a left turn. Stop light there. 3.8 miles
3.Lake Hancock Rd. Make a left turn. 3.8 miles
4.County Rd 545. Avalon Rd. Make a Right turn 8.5 miles
5.Marsh Rd. Left turn. 6.9 miles
6.US 27. Left turn 1.0 mile
7.Lake Louisa Rd Right turn 3.6 miles
8.Lakeshore Dr. Make a left turn. 3.5 Miles
9.County Highway 561. Make a left turn .3 of a mile
10. Florida Boys Ranch Rd 3.4 miles
11. State Highway 33 Left turn 2.25 miles
12. Laws Rd Make a Left Turn 2.7 miles
13. County Highway 561 Right turn 3.9 miles
14. State Highway 33 Left Turn 6.2 miles
15. Green Pond Rd Right Turn 10.25 miles.(Bumpy Rd and on lane wooden bridge. Hit the long boards.)
16. Rockridge Rd Right Turn 5.4 miles ( I usually make this a gas stop and a rest break. Take advantage of this.)
Approx 65.5 miles
Leg Two

1.Continue Straight on Rockridge Rd. Crossing rt 98. 1.25 miles
2.Old Dade City Rd. Make a Right turn 7.5 miles
3.US 98 left turn 5.4 miles
4. County Highway 35 Alternate Make a left and another left( A little jog exit) 5.2 miles
5.Meridian Ave Left turn 1.2 miles(this will t-bone at County Highway 41.Make a right then the very next left. Co Rd 578. You can see this from the stop/yield sign.)
6.County Highway 578(see description above.) 4.8 miles
7.Jassamine Rd Right turn 2.8 miles
8.James Rd Left turn .9 of a mile
9. County Highway 41 Left Turn 1.5 miles
10. Spring Lake Highway Right turn 3.5 miles
11. County Highway 576 Left turn 5.25 miles
12. County Highway 581 Left turn 1.9 miles
13. Bayhead Rd Left Turn 4.4 miles(pretty much a single lane rd. becareful)
14. Lake Iola Rd Right turn 3.9 miles
15. County Highway 578 Right turn 4.3 miles
16. County Highway 581 Right turn 8.6 miles
17. County Highway 572 Left turn 3.8 miles
18. US 41 Right turn 4.7 miles
19. Ponce De Leon Blvd Left Turn .3 of a mile.( Turns into US Highway 98)
20. US 98 straight 16 miles
21. US 19 Right turn 9.8 miles
22. W. Ozello Trail County Rd 494 Left Turn 9.0 Miles(becareful on this road. You lose it on one of these corners. Bike and you will most likely be in the SALT WATER.)
Approx 106 miles
Lunch at Pecks Old Port Cove. Awesome.
Recommend Calling ahead for a party of 5 or more.
The Return Trip

1.Back out the same way you came in. 9.0 miles.
2.US 19 Right turn 9.8 miles
3.US 98 Left turn .1 of a mile
4.County Highway 480 Left turn 12.5 miles
5.County Highway 581 Right turn 4.6 miles
6.County Highway 476 (Lake Lindsey Rd) Left turn 5.3 miles ( you will cross US 41.)
7.County Highway 439(Istachatta Rd)(will turn into county highway 39) 7.2 miles
8.County Highway 48 Right Turn .4 of a mile
9.Trails End Rd. Left turn 2.2 miles
10. S. Withlapopka Dr Left turn 3.2 miles
11. E. Gobbler Dr. Right Turn 4.1 miles(stops at US41, good break stop)
12. If you stop for a break then go back a 1/4 mile to S Old Floral City Rd.
13. If you don’t Stop. S Old Floral City Rd will be a left turn.
14. S. Old Floral City Rd. Right turn 2.2 miles
15. County Highway 48 Left turn 23 miles (Follow signs through Busnell and Center Hill)
16.County Rd 702 Right turn (after Center Hill) 8.6 miles. (will cross Co Hi 33, becomes Bridges Rd after 33)
17. US 27 Left turn 4.5 miles (another good rest stop if needed.)
18. County Highway 48 Right turn 2.5 miles
19. Number 2 Rd Right turn 5.9 miles
20. State Highway 19 Right turn 3.3 miles
21. County Highway 455 Left turn 2.7 miles
Sugarloaf loop
22. County Rd 455 Straight 4.6 miles
23. County Highway 561A Left Turn 3.2 miles
24. County Rd. 561 Right turn 3.5 miles
Route continues From the Corner of 455 and 561. Going south on 455.
25. County Highway 455 Right turn 6.0 miles.
26. Fosgate Rd. Right turn 1.8 miles
27. Blackstill Lake Rd Right Turn 1.6 miles
28. Old Highway 50 Left turn 4.0 miles (will come back to 455. Make a right and stay on old hwy 50.)
29. State Highway 50 Left turn 4.1 miles
30. County Highway 535 Right turn 15.5 miles.
Approx 152 miles
The End
Right back where you started from.
Hope you enjoyed the Run.
You’ve just logged appox. 323.5 miles of Central Florida’s best curvy roads.
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