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Re: Suspension Fixes for cornering problems...

I rode home yesterday with my ride and the first thing I tough is to post here...

I swap fork spring on my ride from .90 to .95km/mm. Not a big change but should be better. Stock preload is 0.680", I put 0.730. Got my new tires installed too and change shock oil at the same time (20W)

By the time I hit the road... I almost shat myself. That thing was quite scary to ride at 70MPH on I95. Was even worst while turning... like when you ride a car with not enough caster... very light front end.

Well, got back home and check few things...

1-My rear shock was still crank to #7 (full stiff) from riding 2 up last time. Rear sag @ 25mm
2-Front sag end up being spot on at 35mm
3-Put rear shock back to #5 (35mm sag)
4-tire PSI ok!
5-I've been riding with the front end lowered 8mm for a long time with the stock springs. So my school of tough was I should be going lower with a stiffer spring and more preload on static ride height. Started at 10mm lower.
6-Then I remember ordering the wrong front tire. 120/60 instead of 120/70! (-12mm)

So a combo of all those 2 things made the ride home not so fun...

Rear sag fix
Will go up on the front to zero (flush to triple three) and start from there...

If I have any more question I might need help... or just get a new tire. But most than likely I felt like too much rake and not enough trail... was very unstable!
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